Surfing is about good times

We love it and live to surf every day of the year.

The best part of our day is watching our students progress. We love the genuine environment around surfing, the lifelong memories, and the new friendships arising from it.

// The Crew //

Here at Loving surf we don’t just offer you a good experience... We aim to offer the best you can get! Our lessons aren’t just about surfing, we try to connect with each of our clients.


Owner / Founder / Surf instructor

Loving Surf TeamYounes - Loving Surf School Essaouira Morocco

Surfing has been the focal point of Younes’s life. As a former Pro Surfer from Essaouira, he spends much of his free time surfing and kitesurfing with friends and family. Having spent more than 20 years catching waves, Younes is both a rescue and certified surf instructor. Surfing is his passion, he enjoys teaching and sharing his knowledge with surfers of all levels.

In 2003, Younes launched his first surfing business in Essaouira. Four years later he expanded into Spain and has since returned to his hometown to reconnect with his roots. He is always laughing and keep things fun!


Manager / Marketing / Communications

Loving Surf TeamSuzan - Loving Surf School Essaouira Morocco

Susan is the newest surfer to the team, she grew up in Canada by flat water with nonexistent surf conditions. Determined to surf all her life, a visit to Morocco’s Atlantic Coast that’s so rich in waves and sunshine, was a game changer. Essaouira is now her home where she lives the surf life she always wanted.

Photographer, designer and marketer, she works with clients and suppliers alike to keep things running smoothly. She cares about connecting people through surfing and works hard to make sure visitors have a memorable experience living a surf lifestyle.


Expert Surf Coach / Instructor

Loving Surf TeamRachid - Loving Surf School Essaouira Morocco

Rachid is a leading surf instructor in Essaouira. He has surfed and instructed most of his life. With over 10 years of experience, he is a certified, multilingual instructor, and is one of the best to learn from in town.

Rachid is known for his coaching style – his enthusiasm is evident and he teaches from the heart. With his disciplined approach, he knows how to motivate and push his clients to reach their full potential. Rachid’s energetic attitude will keep things fun and his warm smile will reassure you. You’ll be coming back to Essaouira year after year.


Sales / Customer Service

Loving Surf TeamFatima - Loving Surf School Essaouira Morocco

Fati has many years in the surf industry, both in sales and client relations in Essaouira. She is knowledgable in all things surf. As our shop expert, Fati can speak to you in Arabic, French and English while helping you fulfill your equipment needs and to arrange your lessons. Her calm and smiling energy welcomes every visitor to the School and Essaouira.


Our students and guests become

lifelong friends

Loving Surf welcomes you with open arms. Building lifelong friendships with our students is not only meaningful to us, but our students, too. We pride ourselves on taking exceptional care of guests by treating them as if they are members of our own family. It is our pleasure to go above and beyond to ensure you have the best experience during your holiday.

We look forward to making you smile and sharing many laughs!

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