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There is a magic about essaouira that is hard to describe. There is an energy, a vibe, an attitude that is different from other places in morocco and the world. A place of inspiration, essaouira is a city of creativity. artists, musicians and writer’s have visited and left their mark. but far beyond woodstock rockstars, music has a major influence and has a long history here.

Gnaoua music is famous around the world and if you listen you can hear it in many genres of music. the rymthic sound leads you into trance and total relaxation. Perhaps you stumble upon a lila down a dark alley but most people come to see one of their world famous festivals. the Gnaoua Festival of World Music is held in june or there is the Atlantic Andalusia Festival in september.

Regardless the time you visit Essaouira, you can find its live music and relaxed vibe.

Festival Gnaoua Essaouira Morocco Loving Surf School

you can find small art galleries and artist expositions held often and everywhere. The artisan woodworking called 'thuya' which is the carving of the Tetraclinis tree roots, has been done for centuries exclusively in Essaouira. painters, creators and all types of artists make this place overflow with culture.

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The medina and its small fortress, a Unesco world heritage site guides you through its streets, alleys and walls to discover the souk, the port and all the shops along the way. unlike marrakech’s overwhelming medina, you can shop at ease. Essaouria is really unlike anywhere else, its beauty and history is one of the reasons movies and shows like game of thrones, and kingdom of heaven have been filmed here it is really place everyone can enjoy and appreciate.

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There really are goats in the trees

there is nothing like witnessing for the first time the argan trees filled with goats, usually unexpectally in passing. it is the only place in the world you can witness it. outside of essaouira you find fields and rolling hills of argan trees. argan oil is exclusive to morocco. you can visit a local woman’s cooperative and see them turn the argan seeds into oil, where you can also get the purest form of oil direct from the source. the health benefits and uses are well known now but many people have not eaten it with moroccan bread still warm from the oven. an addictive experience. the stillness and calmness of the countryside is unimaginable. if you stay with us in our surf villa, you can experience it for yourself.


You can choose the room and location you want to stay at. Our villa we havea shared dorm room, a private room and shared bathroom and a private room with private bathroom. Riads are private rooms with private bathroom

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