Life is full of questions, but at least we can help you with ones about surfing, Morocco and Loving Surf.

Why choose Loving Surf?

We are passionate about surfing and love sharing this passion with other people. We care about people and helping them experience what we love about surfing too. We keep our classes smaller than most schools, our group classes have 5 people maximum per instructor. We do this to give a proper learning experience, coaching you along the way to really progress and enjoy learning. We want you to have the best experience you can have and come back and surf with us again!

Is Morocco safe?

Stay rest assured Morocco is a very safe destination and Moroccan hospitality is one unlike many places. Tourism is also a major source of economy in Morocco, so in general foreign visitors are welcomed and well protected. Most locals hold a special responsibility of keeping them safe. Many people are curious about your home country and your culture. People are friendly and outgoing; don’t be intimated by some people’s approach. However, like any place in the world you need to take caution and remain self-aware. Trust your gut and know majority of people in this world have good hearts.

Do I need a visa to visit Morocco?

Please make sure to check your government website for required visa, duration and passport expiration limitations before booking with us to avoid any surprises. Each country has their formalities.

What’s the weather like in Morocco?

Winter Time (November – March):
Average external temperature during the day is 22 °C and in the evening it is 14 °C
Average water temperature is 17 °C
Summer Time (April – October):
Average external temperature during the day is 28 °C and in the evening it is 22 °C
Average water temperature is 22 °C

What should I not forget to pack?

In general Morocco is sunny most days but can get cool at night.
Essaouira can be very windy and surprisingly cold at times.
We highly recommend you to take some warmer clothes for the evenings, a hoodie is essential!
And of course, summer clothes for the sunny days.
You should bring a beach towel, sunscreen, swimsuit, a pair of flip-flops, sunglasses and a hat.

What is the local currency and how can I pay?

The local currency is Moroccan dirham MAD, check exchange for the current rates. Payment is based on current rate of that date.
We do require a 20% deposit in order to reserve your booking which can be paid by Paypal. The remaining payment can be made in dirhams, euros or Paypal. Please note we do not accept credit cards at this time. There are multiple exchange offices and ATMs in Essaouira.

What languages ​​are spoken in Morocco?

The most spoken language is Moroccan Arabic (Darija), French and Berber (Amazigh).
But many people in Essaouira also speak English. Our instructors speak English, French, Arabic and Spanish. Be sure to specify which language you prefer when booking so we can arrange the right instructor.

How to get to Loving Surf

This depends on where you are, where you are coming from and where you are going to!
If you are not flying directly into Essaouira, you can arrange a bus (Supratours) or grand taxi to get there. We can arrange transport from Marrakech, Agadir, and Essaouira airports for additional cost. Be sure to mention during booking.

Surf Shop and Café In Essaouira – We are located on Avenue Princess Lalla Amina across from the beach (where the soccer court is and Restaurant Café Mogadore are).

Loving Surf Villa – Our villa is located outside of Essaouira near the airport. If you are staying in the villa we provide transport to and from the beach and shop. We can advise if additional transport is needed.

Riads in Essaouira – If you decide to stay with one of our riads within Essaouira, location is depending on which riad and its specific location, we can provide transport to and from the beach if needed.

How much time do I get surfing?

We organize surf lessons according to the wave conditions and the tides. The surf lessons are adapted to the level of each person and there is a maximum of 5 people per one teacher. Usually we have a 2 hour lesson in the morning as well as 2 hours supervised in the afternoon for our surf packages, conditions providing, exact time is flexible.

What do we do if the conditions are not good?

If conditions are not good, we offer alternative activities or take you to where the conditions are good. In general Essaouira’s waves are almost always great for beginners. If you are more advanced we have secret local spots we can take you.

When is the best time to surf?

In Morocco, surf conditions are good during the entire year. We have bigger swells in the winter but you can learn any time of year. The summer in Essaouira tends to be very windy so bigger swells are not always ideal.

I have never surfed before, is it a problem?

That’s what we are here for! Essaouira is ideal for learning to surf. It has smaller swells on a beach break and do not have crowded waves compared to other surf areas of Morocco so it is less intimidating and safer than other locations. Also, our instructors are there to coach you and ensure your safety in any condition. A great percentage of our clients have never had any previous contact with surfing. Our teaching method for beginners starts from zero. You need to be able to swim and ready for an unforgettable experience.

What if I have already surfed before, can I still join?

Of course you can, if you have already reached a certain level you will join the intermediate group. Here the ratio of instructor per student changes but also the layout of lessons. And you will improve your surfing technique and skills. Discuss with us your experience and knowledge when you make your booking.

Can I come alone to the surf camp?

Being alone you are free to choose as you please! Once at the surf camp you will meet more guests like you and will make some good new friends. Or get some much needed time alone! However you prefer. If you are worried about meeting people contact us for best dates to book in order to meet people or other lone travellers.

Can I bring my own equipment to the surf camp?

Of course you are welcome to, if you already own a wetsuit all the better. However, a common occurrence is students attempting to learn to surf by themselves using surfboards that are too advanced for their skill level. Surfboards that are too short, narrow or thin may only slow down your progression. We will never stop you from using your board but we may advise we cannot help you progress if you are not using the right board for your skill level. It may save you the hassle of bringing it, since we have a variety of boards to choose from and can find one if needed. Why struggle to travel with a board when it isn’t necessary. Ask us when booking if you are not sure.

What kind of food is available?

Morocco has many fresh fruits and vegetables always in season. Dates, nuts, herbs, and fish are abundant! Essaouira is fishing town after all! However, importation of many foods is more difficult to find so remember you may not always find what you need. Essaouira has many dining options for dinner to choose from and we can arrange home cooked meals or BBQ style meals at the villa for dinner as well. We offer authentic Moroccan breakfast, tea, coffee, eggs, fruit, yogurt, and traditional lunch like Tajine, fish, couscous. Of course we can offer a vegetarian option, but please be sure to inform us if you are vegetarian, vegan or have any allergies when booking so we can arrange accordingly.

Can shuttles be arranged?

Yes, shuttles to our surf camp from the closest airports or bus station in Essaouira have to be confirmed by email before the surf camp starts. Additional charges may incur, inquire for more details.

How do I physically prepare for surfing?

There are numerous ways to prepare for surfing. It is a very physically demanding sport that requires some upper body strength to excel. You can find many tutorials online to practice and improve your physical ability and we will be sure to warm you up before we begin to avoid possibility of injury. Please be sure to inform us of any issues you may have with your health or physical ability.

What about private rooms?

Our starting package prices are based on a bed in our shared room at our villa but we do have two private rooms in our villa as well and all of our riads in Essaouira are private rooms. Booking a private room does increase the price but adjusted for 2 people as well. When booking we offer a quote and breakdown of pricing for full understanding.

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