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: 400″>Welcome to the new world. We are all trying to wrap our head around the new way of living these days. Not being able to surf is almost torture for a surfer but it is the sacrifice we all have to make.  Finding our new routine, getting adjusted to a very different world than a few months ago, is not an easy task but staying positive is important. To stay at home & quarantine does have it’s benefits. Especially to the environment and climate change.  The surf community here in Morocco understands sustainability and pollution’s effect on the ocean. To help celebrate Earth Day this year, we are offering a few ideas on our role as humans (and surfers) and what we can do to help the environment, immediately and in the future. Also, a few tips that help you save energy will help save some funds to use towards your next surf trip. 

Buy less plastic. Follow an example from Morocco.

This isn’t new information. Plastic has been proven to be damaging to the oceans, marine life and a massive pollution to the earth. The Moroccan government had banned plastic bags over 2 years ago and had amended the law again in 2019 to enforce it. Follow Morocco’s lead and choose to avoid plastic bags if offered.  Making a relatively small choice when shopping can have a big impact on the environment. As a surfer, paddling through garbage and plastic waste does not add to the surf experience. We are grateful to how clean Essaouira’s beach is in comparison to others around the globe. There are many organizations here in Morocco that support beach cleanups such as the Surfriders Foundation, Essaouira Beach Clean up, N9i Initiative Morocco among others. 

Support local, small and sustainable businesses. 

Reduce the carbon footprint where you can. Supporting a local and small business helps to reduce the amount of transport needed and stimulates the economy around you. In Morocco, you can find the best fruits & vegetables in the local souks, usually at the best price! Keep your surf body fit and healthy fighting any virus that tries to come your way. This also helps local farmers support their families and reduce the transport and pass of hands required to get to you. Now with Covid19, the travel restrictions are imposing this so another benefit for lockdown’s effect on the environment. Let’s look at the positives! So when shopping keep in mind the immediate effect of your choices. You have more impact then you might realize. Buying your surf goods is another conscious choice you can make a difference. Eco-friendly and sustainable brands are a great consumer choice that can make an impact. Doing a little research on the brands you buy helps to know what they do to help the environment. Brands like Patagonia are known for their activism and aid in the environment, including their 1% tax they impose on themselves to give back to the planet, their worn wear program as well as other socially responsible choices. At Loving Surf, we try to offer and support local businesses, and build collaboration with our local suppliers and activities. Loving Surf apparel and other clothing brands within our shop were all produced locally in Essaouira. We believe in supporting our local economy and be as conscious as possible with our products and services. 

Save Energy, Water and Resources (helps to save you money too!)

Earth Day should not be the only day to do this but inspiring nonetheless. In the middle of a global pandemic, these are fairly good tips to follow. Water, Electricity, the Internet, along with other things are considered luxuries for some, even here Morocco these can be limited from place to place. Many people in this world do not have the privilege to flip a switch for light or turn on the tap for water. These everyday conveniences many of us take for granted are not the basics for everyone and also not infinite resources. That in mind, it helps to be grateful and conscious in your use of these items. What can you do to save energy and water? Simple tasks like unplugging your charger from the wall when you are done, or turning off the tap while you brush your teeth. Hanging your clothes to dry instead of using a dryer. Turning off the light switch when you leave the room. Not wasting food. Not only are all things good for the environment but also for your wallet. It being economical is also helpful so why not do small things to help the environment and yourself! 

Covid19 measures – Dispose properly of your masks and gloves

If you are using disposable masks and gloves, be sure to not only to save the environment but also potentially save a life by making sure to dispose of your mask and gloves properly. Once we get back to the beach and head out to surf, the very last thing you want to find is a corona mask and its reminder. Better yet buy or make a reusable one (check the requirements along with following the proper cleaning procedure) and save disposing at all. We all need to do our part so we can get back to what we know and love like kitesurfing and surfing!

Stay Positive and be kind, to yourself, those around you, and the earth!

With the world changing history and life as we know it, it is always great to stay positive, motivated and see the brighter perspective. We are staying positive and will have some special events when lockdown ends to welcome you back to the beach and the Loving Surf Life. 

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Stay Safe and stay healthy.

Happy Earth Day!