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What motivates you to learn to surf? Do you want the feeling of freedom that comes with riding the waves? Do you want to try something new? Aspiring pro surfer? What happens after you try and it’s “too hard”, how do you stay motivated?

We are all inspired by something. Learning to surf can be easy as long as you stay motivated. Learning anything comes with challenges. We may get frustrated in the waves, with ourselves and even with our surf coaches sometimes. It is at this point we may give up. The key to becoming a better surfer is to use what inspires you, staying motivated to keep pushing and getting back on the board every time you fall. Sometimes surfing is the inspiration.

With the new world we have entered, the news or current circumstances may have you discouraged for the future and may find it difficult to stay motivated in the challenges you face right now. Here are a few stories where people facing extremely difficult circumstances chose to keep going and keep pushing forward despite all odds.

Bethany Hamilton

Many know her story but for those who don’t, at 13 years old Bethany lost her arm to a shark attack and nearly lost her life. Most people would have been pretty discouraged at life itself with this kind of loss. Bethany faced her difficulties with determination and perseverance. She kept pushing forward and overcoming the new obstacles life presented her. Her passion and motivation to surf got her back in the water and surfing again. The constant challenge of doing so didn’t stop her from trying. She used her motivation to getting back on the board, and lead her to become a successful pro surfer who joined ASP world championship tour. She continues to inspire others with her story (along with her contagious positive mindset and attitude) to face their challenges. Check out her story “Unstoppable” on Netflix.

Mike Coots

When Mike was 18 he lost his leg to a shark attack, the next month he was back in the water surfing. Now that is dedication! Not everyone may be able to overcome this kind of challenge so quickly but he did. He has now become not only a inspiring surfer but also a world class photographer and shark activist to stop shark finning (the process to gather and sell shark fins). Not only did he overcome this extreme challenge but he didn’t hold anger against what caused it, in fact the opposite, to protect the animal that took his leg. Taking lessons from life’s challenges and using a misfortune event to motivate you to do something and continue surfing is beyond beneficial, it gives your life a higher purpose. Take a look at his work on his Instagram account @mikecoots

Mark “Mono” Stewart

Mark lost his leg to bone cancer when he was 15 years old and was told he would die in two years as a result, but this tragedy didn’t stop his motivation to surf. In fact, he says that’s what kept him going. He used surfing as his motivation to overcome this challenge and build a successful surfing life. Surfing in itself is what drove him to recovery and lead him to get back to surfing. He found solutions to the problems he was faced getting back in the water. Stating, surfing is what kept him alive and stay inspired. “Not only is it good for the body but also the soul.” At the age of 53, he won the inaugural International Surfing Association World Adaptive Surfing Championship in La Jolla, California. See more of his achievements on his website.

Jesse Billauer

Jesse, a pro surfer at 17, hit his head and instantly became quadriplegic. Doctors told him he would never surf again.  This didn’t stop him from getting back on a surfboard.  If there is a will, there’s a way and he found one.  “Your power is in your perspective, not your circumstance. No matter what you’re facing, it is no match for your infinite potential.” he says on his website. Proof that motivation will push you to overcome life’s biggest challenge to do what inspires you. He founded the charity Life Rolls On to help young people affected by spiral cord injury. Check it here and the beautiful quote “Life loves you. Love it back.”

These are extreme cases of inspiring surfers, and you do not need to face a huge unfortunate event in your life to motivate you to learn to surf or do anything. All you need is motivation and drive to want to. These cases took massive amounts of dedication, mental and physical strength to overcome so your first surf lesson will be easy! If covid19 has taught us anything, it is that life is short and the unexpected can happen at any time so why wait to do something you are inspired to do.

A few key elements to achieving your surf goals: starting with a surf lesson, and with motivation, dedication and a positive mindset you will reach your surf goals. (and maybe some life goals too!)

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