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Want to live a more fulfilling life? Want to be happier? Want to be a better surfer or kitesurfer?

Techniques to successful surfing start outside of the water. There is a reason people are drawn to the surf culture and lifestyle. Why does everyone wants a href=”https://www.lovingsurf.com/essaouira-morocco/”>surfer’s life? What motivates you to learn to surf? The feeling of freedom, living in paradise and that deep connection to nature and ourselves. Ready for the secrets to becoming a better surfer/kitesurfer and living a happier life?

A good surfer’s mindset is a positive one

Like life, surfing is full of challenges, risks, obstacles and dangers. Life has hard times and surfing has tough conditions. Surfing isn’t always glassy waves, or the perfect wind conditions and life isn’t always easy. In life and the surf, there are hard days, frustrating moments and techniques that take dedication to master. Surfing in particular, as your skills get better so do the risks. Kitesurfing comes with dangerous wind conditions even the pros struggle with. But the whole point of surfing and kitesurfing is having fun so it means facing these risks with a positive mindset, confidence and desire that the ride will be worth the risk of falling. If you are not having fun then why bother? 

A surfer’s breathing technique

Every breath is a gift. We cannot live without air. Anyone caught in a missed wave knows this. To unlock your full potential in surfing and life is dependent on your breathing technique. Deep breathing will improve your paddling, catching a wave, getting through the surf break and of course keep you alive when you go under water. Meditation, slow down, remember to breath and you will be able to concentrate on what surf techniques you need, and help you to catch the wave. Short breaths and panic will cause you to make mistakes, loose focus and is dangerous for you and those around you. In and out of the water, stay calm, relax and enjoy each moment. This is why we surf and kitesurf anyways, to enjoy it. Fear will meet you halfway, so focus on your breath, stay calm and enjoy the ride. 

Change your focus

Your energy is where you put your focus so focus on the good! There is a silver lining to everything that enters your life and surf days. Look for the right waves for you. Slow down and focus on what is in your control. Look at what you do right and wrong in and out of the water. Focus and invest your time on what will bring you to the next level. Maybe it is your breathing, your hand placement, your surfboard, your pop up or stance. With Kitesurfing, kite control is the fundamental.  Focus on where to be to catch the next wave, when you need to paddle and when you need to stand up, where your kite needs to be. Focus on where you want to go and your surfboard (and life) will follow. Focus on the positive, the next wave, and what you need to do to get there.

Learning from your mistakes, improving your surf techniques

Everyone starts somewhere. Learning to surf doesn’t stop after the first surf lesson. Surfing and kitesurfing requires continual learning, multiple lessons and surf coaching to get there. No one starts on a short surfboard or in the water kitesurfing and no one goes straight to the lineup and green waves. We all begin in the whitewash and learning to fly the kite. Each step to surfing is key to getting better. You will fall, the kite will fall. The moment you stop falling, you stop progressing. What progresses you faster than learning from each mistake and correcting them to improve your surfing and kitesurfing. Photo analysis and a great surf coach will help you do this quickly and reinforce your surf progression. 

Surround yourself with better surfers and kitesurfers, those who encourage and inspire you

You are who you surround yourself with. Surround yourself with positive happy people and you will catch the vibe. Surround yourself with better and more experienced surfers and you will grow to be a better surfer and kitesurfer. Watch what the pro surfers are doing. Look at their surf technique, how they move in the water, the attitude they have in life. Learning is also done by observation. Also, being surrounded by better surfers or having a surf coach will encourage you to keep going even when you feel like giving up. Like life, surfing doesn’t always have the best conditions and you may not be motivated to strap on your leash and hit the waves. Those who encourage you will be there with their surfboards and that motivation to get in the ocean. 

Discipline and Dedication

None of this happens over night. Any surfer you admire has gone out in hard conditions, good conditions, when they were tired or didn’t feel like it. The train outside of the water and have a mental strength to go back for more even after getting hurt or scared. Facing fears, and keep pushing even when your body feels like giving up, even when your mind gets weak are how you reach your full potential as a surfer and how to live a fulfilling life. With practice, discipline, staying positive and focused on the next waves and goals will improve your quality of life, your surfing and kitesurfing skills, overall surf experience and level of happiness. 

Life is short, and the next wave could be a rough one

Breathe deep, stay calm, smile, have faith and go forward with confidence. Whether you fall or ride, you will learn and grow to know how to catch that ultimate wave and remember why we paddle out at all. 

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