It sucks, we know. A global crisis, a health pandemic, economic crisis and an overwhelming uncertainty of the near and distance future. Stuck inside, no social interaction, no travel, no beach and no surf. But hey, not much you can do then stay at home and watch Netflix right? 

Let’s take a look at the real positives that we can individually do to help the world in chaos. 


For some of us, we are either working from home or unfortunately without work or income during this time, as hard as it seems, be grateful for it’s luxury. In this moment, we need to be grateful of all our blessings, this event should prove that more than ever. More so, thank the people who only wish they could stay home with their families. We are thanking the heros of our time, working the front lines, who are risking their health, safety and working harder than ever. 

Healthcare workers. These people have dedicated their careers to helping people. The overwhelming love and care they give everyday just went beyond a career to hero of humanity status. Give them the praise they deserve. 

Flight Attendants / Airport Staff. These people are in the highest risk areas so you can get home safely. Remember to thank them even when you are anxious, stressed and exhausted. 

Supermarket/Essential Shop Employees. Next time you are out to buy the essentials, thank those staying open to the public in order for your survival. Be patient and be kind. 

wash your hands coronavirus


To help reduce those panic inducing stress levels, below are some suggestions to keep you busy, positive and helping to do your part in this surreal time and also to help you and the world at large stay safe. 

Help the community. Offer to do essential shopping for those more vulnerable: The Elderly, those with autoimmune diseases and other vulnerabilities. If you are healthy and able why not do something to help those without that privilege. You might just save a life. 

Follow the Rules. Although this should be common practice, personal hygiene and social etiquette like hand washing, and covering your cough must be done to help prevent the spread of COVID19. Take a look at our last blog post for more details on preventing the spread. If you can’t follow the rules, practice social distancing…like far far away social distancing. 

Clean and Sanitize. Wash your hands, wash your clothes, wash common surfaces. Use soap and water, minimal bleach if necessary. Again you can follow guidelines given by WHO


Follow the Stay Home Challenge. Please just stay home. No one wants to see your germs right now anyways. Yes, you need to go out and get your essentials, do this since healthcare workers are busy enough they don’t need your unnecessary visit with dehydration or malnutrition. But for the love of humanity, please just stay home. Take the opportunity to do something you have been procrastinating, learn a new language, cook new recipes, practice meditation. 

Put in the extra Effort. Depending on you local laws, they may still allow you to go out, but why not be proactive and stay home anyways. Speed up the process to end this chaos. Go for a solo walk to get your sunshine intake. Buy a few more essentials than you need for a few days so you can go out less often. YOU DO NOT NEED 5 JUMBO PACKAGES OF TOILET PAPER. Just cover yourself for a week or so, that way you do not need to run to the store everyday. 

Call someone who is isolating alone. Being alone for long periods of time does eventually affect your mental well being, especially in a stressful period. Call someone you love to check in and give a virtual hug. Gramma would appreciate it. 

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As surfers, knowing there are beautiful waves not being ridden is almost torture. If you are still able to go out and surf where you are, do it, but keep your distance and as always be safe. If you are limited due to the authorities, you will just have to wait it out my friend. Here are some suggestions (more to come) on how to keep your surf skills fresh and keep you progressing out of the water. 

Surf Training. Practice your pop up. Try our Pop Up Challenge on Instagram: Record yourself doing 25 pop ups and post to a story and then tag us, we would love to share and inspire other surf students to go for it! Work on shoulder and arm exercises to maximise your paddling once you do get into the water. Look out for our upcoming post on surf specific exercises. Some Suggestions: Push-ups, Superman, Squats to name a few.

Surf Movies. Ok fine, enjoy the luxury of vegging out on the couch while you can with a surf movie. Watching professional and expert surfers in action is a great way to improve. No Joke! Watching pro surfer’s style, techniques and mannerisms will help you in the water. Watch the way they turn, where their head is at or looking towards, how they position themselves on the wave, their stance and takeoff. These are all great aspects to learn from. Other movies are just great classics to inspire you to start surfing and the adventure that goes with it!  Some suggestions: Innersection, Endless Summer, Point Break, for starters.

Surf Reads. Read up on the techniques, equipment or technology evolving everyday. Learn what you can with articles, and books that give an insight in the ever growing addiction of surfing. Know more about surfboards, terminology, surf spots and more. Some interesting readings: Barbarian Days: A surfing life, Surfer Magazine, The Surfer’s Journal

Other things you can do to help in this difficult time? 

Donate to those in need if you are able to. The homeless, low income families who may be waiting on government assistance, local charities that help abused women and children unable to ‘stay home’. 

Support small businesses, entrepreneurs and your local economy. Some small business struggle to get by in a healthy economy, this shutdown will have an impact on their business. The tourism  and hospitality industry has and will continue to be affected. Also, boutique shops, restaurants and hotels closures will take a hit.  Support them by buying a gift card to use later, or share their page, like and comment, leave a review. All of these do not cost you a dime and will help them during their temporary closures.

Remember to be kind, patient and help each other. The power of a community can create change.

“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” – African Proverb

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