0″> It is always important to stay strong, healthy and keep positive. During the current time with COVID19, it is the perfect opportunity to practice some surf exercises out of the water. It is also essential to keep your immune system and mental well being strong as well. While isolating at home, why not get in shape for your next surf trip. Stop procrastinating and get that beach body ready! 

As you may not have a full gym at home, below suggested are surf specific exercises can be done almost anywhere with minimal gear. Please be sure to check with your healthcare professional if you have injuries or reduced mobility before performing exercises. 


Surf more waves with stronger paddling

Paddling is the key to catching more waves as well as getting past the break and into bigger waves. Paddling is basically pulling yourself through the water, this exercise is a great practice. 

Exercise : Body Weight Row

Level of Difficulty : Easy

Requires: Rings (if available) Otherwise, a Sturdy Support Beam and Rope.  

Number of Sets: 3-4

Number of Reps: 12-20 

surf exercises moroccosurf exercises morocco

Speed up your takeoff with a faster pop up

Beginner, intermediate or even expert surfers always need to be improving their takeoff. Pro surfers, Big Wave and all experienced surfers know the importance of a fast and proper pop up. Bigger the wave, the faster the pop up. A pop up is close to a version of the classic push up. So if you can do more push ups then you can do more pop ups. 

Exercise : Classic Push Up (if possible with Bosu Ball as it is similar to the stability of a surfboard)

Level of Difficulty : Moderate (Use knee push up if necessary)

Requires: Bosu Ball (if available)

Number of Sets: 3-4

Number of Reps: 12-20 

surf training exercisessurf push up morocco

Increase your range of motion while surfing

Increase your strength, range of motion and flexibility required in the water. This helps turning, maneuvers and avoiding injury while surfing. There are enough dangers to look out for. 

Exercise : Band Rotation

Level of Difficulty : Easy

Requires: Resistance Band

Number of Sets: 3-4

Number of Reps: 10 reps on each side

surf morocco exercisesurf exercises morocco


Surf better with balance, strength and flexibility

Increase your strength, improve your balance and flexibility to surf longer and stronger. This also helps prevent injuries during impact while landing maneuvers. Work your core to ankle muscles with this exercise.

Exercise : Elevated Foot Split Squat

Level of Difficulty : Moderate

Requires:  Chair or Bench or Table

Number of Sets: 4 

Number of Reps: 6 reps on each side

surf morocco exercises surf exercises morocco

Gain the surfing power 

Surfing requires a lot of power and energy, even more so as you progress to a more advanced level. Power is necessary in generating speed, performing tricks and the impact of landing them.  Be proactive in having your power and strength in advance while you work on your surf skills. 

Exercise : Squat Jump

Level of Difficulty : Moderate

Requires: Extra weight for more advanced surfers. High box if available, helps avoiding injury for landing jumps.

Number of Sets: 3-4

Number of Reps: 12-20 reps

squat jump surf exercises morocco squat jump surf exercises morocco

Stability for better surfing

Staying on your surfboard is a sure way to ride the waves longer. And as the waves get bigger so do the risks in falling. This exercise not only helps your stability and balance but also a great exercise to start with.  

Exercise :Single Leg Balance Reach

Level of Difficulty : Easy

Requires: None.

Number of Sets: 3

Number of Reps: 10 reps on each side

surf exercises morocco surf exercises morocco surf exercises morocco


Core Strength is essential for both paddling and surfing

All movements and techniques in surfing require your core muscles. A strong core is key in balance, stability and movement on your surfboard. 

Exercise : Plank

Level of Difficulty : Easy (do variations for more challenging)

Requires:  Mat or towel

Number of Sets: 5 sets of 30 seconds

plank surf maroc plank surf maroc

Paddle deeper, stronger and faster

Paddling can put strain on your neck and back. Strengthen your back for faster and stronger paddling. Increase speed with proper posture, and deepen your stroke. 

Exercise : Superman

Level of Difficulty : Easy

Requires:  Mat

Number of Sets: 5 – 6

Number of Reps: 5 reps on each side

superman surfen marokko superman surfen marokko

Please note we are not fitness instructors and exercises are basic guidelines, be sure to take extra precautions with positioning and to your joints. Exercise explanation along with the proper steps can easily be found online.  Some of these exercises have been taken from SURFER.com by personal trainer and pro surfer Cody Thompson. For more information and video guidelines, find the link here. 

All photos have been taken at Loving Surf House, ready to make your surf training into practice? Hit the waves with us! Book your next surf camp at booking@lovingsurf.com and start your surf journey after the isolation period has finished!