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There is no denying Essaouira is one of the world’s leading Kitesurf destinations and with good reason with it’s constant steady wind and beach break. Offering flat water and waves all year round keeping kitesurfing exciting as well as easy to learn. Another known fact is Morocco (especially Essaouira) is the ideal place for surf beginners. In our previous blog post, Reasons why you should learn to surf in Essaouira we explained why it is the best place to learn to surf. In this post, we will tell you why Essaouira and Morocco’s Atlantic coast is a great place for all surf and kite levels. Below are a few surf spots Loving Surf can take you with one of our surf day trips


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Stay close to home and ride the waves next to Essaouira’s medina and beachfront. Essaouira’s beach break is ideal for beginners, and more advanced surfers looking to improve their small wave riding. But don’t be fooled, this beachfront can get some serious swell! Practice your kite control, body drag and water start here in Essaouira. Or join us at the secluded local favorite beach nearby and have the space to roam freely and safely in and out of the water. Kitesurfers and surfers love this secluded beach, spoiled by it’s constant wind and spacious waves. Enjoy the convenience of Essaouira’s beach across from Loving Surf School. Take a lesson in the morning, break for lunch and hit the waves in the afternoon. 

Kite and Surf in Essaouira

Key Spot: Essaouira Beach

Type: Beach break     Wave: Right & Left    Best Tide: High    Best Board: All boards    Level: All Levels

Kitesurf: All Levels

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Key Spot: Secluded Local Beach

Type: Beach break    Wave: Right & Left    Best Tide: High   Best Board: All boards    Level: All Levels    

Kitesurf: All Levels


Surfing Essaouira Morocco Sidi Kaouki Lovingsurf

Escape to the tranquility of Sidi Kaouki. Sometimes without another surfer in sight, enjoy the right and left breaks solo or with a surf buddy. The surf spot directly in front is a beach break for all levels, beside the Marabout offers a point break for intermediate surfers and farther past is a reef break for more advanced surfers. With growing popularity, this hidden gem is slowly being discovered, but there are more than enough days when you may be the only one in the water. Book a day trip with us and discover it’s charm and uncrowded waves. Although it is possible to kitesurf, it is reserved for more advanced and expert level kitesurfers as it’s offshore wind, stronger current and bigger swell making it more challenging here. 

Kite and Surf in Sidi Kaouki

Key Spot: Sidi Kaouki Beach

Type: Point and beach break    Wave: Right & Left    Best Tide: High    Best Board: All boards    Level: All Levels

Kitesurf: Advanced level Only

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Key Spot: La Point 

Type: Point break    Wave: Right & Left     Best Tide: Mid    Best Board: All boards    Level: Intermediate – Advanced   

Kitesurf: Expert level Only

Key Spot: La Grotte

Type: Point break     Wave: Right & Left     Best Tide: Mid    Best Board: Short    Level: Intermediate – Advanced

Key Spot: Cap Sim

Type: Point break    Wave: Right    Best Tide: Mid      Best Board: Short     Level: Intermediate – Advanced

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Anyone following a surf account on Instagram has heard of Imsouane. This once secret local favorite has now been made famous by Instagramers and bloggers alike. Any surfer or longboarder will rave about the ‘magic’ in Magic Bay. Once uncrowded waves have now been flocked by surfers from all over Morocco’s Atlantic coast and the world for that matter. But anyone who has visited and surfed there understands why. The scenic beauty and longest right wave in North Africa will have you dreaming about waves and surf for a lifetime, and also why some claim Imsouane as one of the best surf spots in Morocco. The quiet fishing town is quaint, simple yet charming to all visitors. Longboarders practice their dancing skills in the bay and shortboarders chase the tides from The Bay’s peak to Cathedral Point to keep surfing all day. Whatever your level or style we can take you there to discover what all the hype is about.  Although there have been local experienced kitesurfers spotted here on very rare occasions, it is mainly a surf location only.  filmora wondershare key blufftitler keygen bitdefender activation codes aomei partition assistant key

Surf in Imsouane

Key Spot: The Bay

Type: Point and beach break    Wave: Right-hander    Best Tide: Low – Mid    Best Board: Longboard

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Type: Beach, reef and point break    Wave: Right and left-hander    Best Tide: Low – Mid    Best Board: All

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Regardless of your surf and kite level or experience, we can take you to the best conditions to get you riding the waves and catching the wind. Book a kite or surf Lesson, a surf day trip or join one of our surf and kite camps and discover the best surf spots in Morocco!

Email us direct to learn more or create a custom surf and/or kite package.